How to look more like an artist

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Artists are known for their unique fashion sense. Artists often think outside of the box and their originality is expressed within how they act and how they look. There is however no specific way that an artist needs to look although there are some ways that can help to bring out creativity and change up your style to be more like an artist.

Try not to focus on trends

Artists are not into the fashion that is here and now! They don’t care about labels and brands but go for more style that makes them feel comfortable and quirky. Let yourself out of your box don’t be too scared to wear something mainstream with different unmatching accessories. Avoid the style items that are on-trend and are popular. You need to feel creative and comfortable it isn’t about looking perfect all the time.

Shopping at thrift stores

Thrift stores are the place to find interesting items. Things that are entertaining and unusual are found at thrift stores. Not only do they sell unusual things, but they also sell items at very cheap prices. Artists love to wear items that stand out and have cool colours and patterns on them. Thrift stores are where you can find that unique handbag or pair of shoes that you just have to have to catch an eye or two. Even if you like modern looking styles you can still buy vintage clothing and create a modern look with it. Modern shoes can work with a unique hat and vintage jewellery to give you the statement look you are looking for. Artists are not afraid to stand out. They go for unique colours and patterns that have long gone out of style. Artists aim to make a statement not look good. A cuaba cigar in the hands of an artist will do the job of increasing their style quotient.

Getting a gimmick

This can be a signature item that you wear every time you go out. It can be an old vintage hat to something like a pair of shoes that are very unique and quirky. You can also have a signature by wearing all the same color as all black or all blue etc. Don’t be cautious with your hair go bright red if you like or even go dread-locks. Your make-up should be more vibrant than others wear and a bright lip color that stands out. Another popular way of distinguishing yourself as an artist is flaunting a Cuban cigar in one hand than just using cigarettes.

Working with what you have

When you are a young artist you may not have heaps of funds which means you need to work with what you already have. If you want a pair of certain jeans but cannot afford them then build a stylish pair with a plain pair. Jeans and t-shirts are plain and may seem boring, but did you know you can use them to your advantage and create your own personal style. You can add holes and rips to jeans and even add patterns and quirky quotes of t-shirts using material paints.
You can simply stretch your wardrobe further by mixing and matching what you already have to create interesting looks.

Avoid the brands

Brand names are often associated with quality, so you end up paying for quality as well as the brand name. Being an artist, you don’t want to wear the same outfit you want to be creative and show off your quirky side. If you see brand names at a thrift store you can buy them but dress them up to match your style.

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