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The year 2019 has arrived whether you like it or not. I look forward to making changes in this new year with friends and family and make some preparations for what I wish to achieve in my house over the course of this year. New Year — a new house! Well, the change does not need to be that drastic, but these interior design inclinations for 2019 can help transform your house, without having to make extreme alterations.

If you are trying to freshen up or upgrade your house when the new year comes from, then the upcoming season’s forecasted design and colour trends will earn any project that you do on your house to be entertaining and exciting.

What Is Trending In 2019?

This year’s house layout and colour trends are moving out in the cool-toned neutrals we have seen previously and are going daring! Here are a few of the trends you’ll be seeing in your house in 2019:

  • Rich Jewel Tones
  • Warm Neutral Tones
  • Sustainable & Repurposed Things
  • Floral Patterns
  • Boho Décor
  • Matte Black Accents
  • Metallics

1. Rich Jewel Tones

Among the easiest ways to upgrade your house to stay informed about the present trends is by employing a fresh coat of paint. The new year is about rich jewel tones and bold primary colours. Hunter and emerald green, although both rich colours, can, in fact, lend themselves to the sense of a neutral during your house. Trends do not change that quickly, therefore 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year, ultraviolet, is still one of the go-to colours of interior decorators. An area rug or wall artwork in these colors are excellent ways to present more colour and play in your house, without needing to perform a complete renovation.

2. Warm Neutral Tones

Gone are the times of the cool beige and gray tones in 2019. The new year is earning certain much-needed warmth into neutral tones. The Sherwin-Williams ColorMix forecast clarifies their colour of this calendar year, Cavern Clay, as “bringing new life to any living room”. Clay and hazelnut colors are warm and earthy reds which are fantastic for bouncing off light to make any room appear bigger. These warmer colours can be used to balance out the trending coastal style furniture, which tends to invoke cool and unsympathetic emotions. Lilac grey is an upgrade on the cool grays which were utilized previously. This gender-neutral colour will work nicely in almost any room of your house when you’re searching for a shift.

3. Sustainable & Repurposed Products

With climate change and lowering our private carbon footprint from the information, a boutique interior store owner and interior design blogger believes sourcing sustainable and repurposed home décor will remain a leading house decoration fashion in 2019. It has been said that sustainability has incorporated itself as a current theme that spans in different regions of people today. It is believed that this theme is likely to continue influencing the mainstream home decor and layout. As such, using re-purposed furniture and decor pieces and recycled materials are becoming more common in most interior design practices.

Repurposing furniture located at flea markets isn’t just an enjoyable DIY but also produces a significant message that what’s old may be new again. If you are not a DIYer, repurposed tree trunks, which are covered and treated, make side coasters, tables, or perhaps charger plates. It has been suggested that it might be a good idea to take a look around your house and take note of the items which are broken, are stored somewhere in your house or out of fashion. Through the spirit of sustainability, have a thought about the things that could be recycled, reclaimed or contributed to other people. It might worth doing something to that outdated outdoor furniture that you have been using for years.

4. Floral Patterns

In keeping 2019’s daring colour trends, you will observe that florals are obtaining a brilliant update. Gone would be the muted watercolor blossoms of yesteryear. This year’s blossoms will be large and vibrant. If you are overwhelmed by a lot of flowery, begin with a bedspread, a lampshade, or even some throw pillows. Floral designs really are a fantastic way to bring both colour and also a pattern, while making the décor feel impartial.

5. Boho Décor

The upgraded 2019 variant of the tendency is all about modernizing the classic feels of this boho vibe. Utilizing brilliant Bohemian décor is about mixing and matching colours, textures, and patterns. This season, the John vibe is all about earning vibrant jewel tone colors with softly curved outlines. It is simple to upgrade your house with this fashion by changing your throw out cushions, tablecloths, and runners, or purchasing some new wall artwork.

6. Matte Black Accents

It resembles grey has finally met its match with the development of black accent pieces throughout the home. On your dining area proceed with matte black dining room seats and lighting fixtures. If you’re trying to find a larger change, you can not fail with black cabinetry or floors.

As can be seen on most luxury resorts in Tasmania, this trend will most probably be sticking around, so take time integrating it in your house. Just do not go too mad with all the black or else you will go from posh to Addams Family vibes.

7. Metallics

The usage of decorating using metallic accents has been in existence for some time today, and they are not going out of style anytime soon. It has been agreed that metal beams have been a popular staple in any layout; some interior decorators believe that people will continue seeing metallic pieces or touches on interiors this year. Take a look at this luxury accommodation in Tasmania to get some notes on how to incorporate metallics with organic materials for your home.

In 2018, increased gold has been the queen of metallics, however in 2019, you are going to be watching more aluminum accents, in addition to blending and matching metallic throughout your house. Mix and match different finishes with natural wood to get an up to take on this tendency.


Today is the year to be BOLD. From bigger renovations, like upgrading your kitchen cabinetry into matte black, or incorporating just a little bit more colour into your house with some fresh bedding or wall artwork, you will discover that 2019’s house décor and colour styles will match anybody’s brand new year budgets.

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