How to Design A Wire Lamp

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Given the reality of our modern times, the wire lamp has become an element of attraction to interior designers and influencers alike. There is, therefore, a need for everyone, particularly lamp producers, to know how to design a wire lamp. If you’re a welded mesh panel manufacturer, this will not only allow you to meet the desire of your customers, but it will also boost market sales. 

Interestingly, the wire lamp is quite easy to design once you are equipped with the creativity and logic that is required to construct it. It is all about applying soft or hard wire materials to every relevant component of the lamp. By doing so, the outlook of the light will be redefined, and make a very popular addition to many homes across the world. One of the more popular materials is galvanised steel mesh panels, due to their versatility. 

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the increasing rate of upscale designers that specialize in the use of wire to produce different variants and assortments of lamps? In truth, this act has been taken to a higher level recently. The new wire lamps are super versatile and can be ordered with personalised features: twisted or flat designs, vibrant or monochrome colours, shiny or matte wire and so on. 

It is important to note that the design of the wire lamp can also be created by using wood and cloth-covered wire. This form of wire lamp is made up of different combinations than the traditional styles. In light of this, there is now a need for wire-lamp designers to learn how to use more than just one combo when creating these products. 

Tips on designing a wire lamp

In order to put the wire lamp designer on the pedestal they deserve, we shall look at some processes they use when designing wire lamps. These include the following:

  1. When designing a wire lamp, you can intelligently apply a twisted fabric cord to the minimalist pendants. Amongst designers, this is known as “cox”.
  2. Secondly, you can make use of multiple fabric and colours that will match well with minimalist wood. Here, you could also add a pendant light pop, often known as “Bright Sprout.” This form of wire lamp has been in high demand in foreign markets for centuries.
  3. You can make a bold light bulb design by using a striking colour cloth-covered cord wire. This is often labelled as “Plumen.”
  4. Another popular process of designing a wire lamp is by adding an elegant touch to a walnut swing lamp. This will make the light ravishing with an earthy-tone of a cotton-wrapped cord. 
  5. As a smart artist, par excellence, you can also add your own creative flair by combining different colours to create a cable pendant. The illumination of this type of bulb generates attraction and acceptance.
  6. It is also essential to state that you can design a wire lamp by adding red makes wood pop to give an otherwise minimalist lamp a beautiful look.  

There are so many designs that you can come up with that can blend in (or stand out) in your home. Once you feel you have a grasp on making them, you could consider selling them at your local markets or advertise on social media. Wire lamps are unusual in the market today and so it’s perfect for anyone looking for something unique. 

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